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Technology Education is concerned with the development of a practical understanding and appreciation of today's industrial and technical society. It provides an understanding of industrial institutions as well as the development of competencies related to various elements of industry. Opportunities for learning are provided through experiences in planning, using tools and materials, performing processes in the production of products and experimenting in activities related to the science of industrial and technical problems of the world today.
Technology Education is a systematic program, interrelated with total education program, primarily aimed at the development of attitudes, knowledge and skills. 
Technology Education at Central High School includes the following objectives:

1. To understand business and industry,
2. To explore self-interests and future occupational choices,
3. To develop competencies for occupational entry,
4. To realize to need for continuing education.


Technology & Engineering Course Descriptions

Introduction to Engineering STEM - Engineering I (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)
Principles of Engineering STEM - Engineering II ( 10-12) 
Construction (10-12) 
Graphic Communications I (9-12), II (10-12), III (11-12),
IV ( 12-12)
3D Computer Animation I (9-12), II (10-12)
3D Animation Game Design Academy (11-12)
3D Solid Modeling I (9-12) & II SolidWorks II (10-12)
Architectural Drafting & Design (10-12)
IT Essentials (11-12)
Introduction to Networking/Web Concepts (11-12)
Wood Products Manufacturing I: Intro to Machines and Processes (9-12)
Wood Products Manufacturing II: Advanced Machines and Processes (10-12)
Wood Products Manufacturing III: Cabinetmaking & Millwork (11-12)
Residential Construction Technology I (10-12)
II (11-12)
Metals I (9-12), II (10-12), III (11-12)
Introduction to Plastics (9-12)

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