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Julia Price - Department Head 
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Madame Price's SyllabiFrench Website | AP French

Dino Mujakovic 
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Mujakovic Syllabi

Shawn Voigt 
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Voigt's Syllabi


Cara Scholey 
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Ms. Scholey's Syllabi


Cassandra Sanders 
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Miss Sanders' Syllabi


to maximumize student involvement and achievement in listening, speaking, reading and writing a world language, which will provide motivation for further language study. By doing this, students will strenghten their english skills, learn to interact successfully culturally and linguistically diverse world, and become inspired to travel.


World Language Course Descriptions

French I,II, and III (9,10,11,12 Test-out Opportunity)
German I,II,III,IV, and V (9,10,11,12 Test-out Opportunity)
Spanish I,II, and III (9,10,11,12 Test-out Opportunity)
AP German Language & Culture (12)
AP Spanish Language & Culture (10,11,12)
AP French Language & Culture (10,11,12)
Global Languages And Perspectives Blended(9,10,11,12)
The Spanish Speaking World: Culture & Classics Honors
American Sign Language I,II,III, and IV Gateway Distance Learning Course (11,12)
Chinese Level I,II,III, and IV Gateway Distance Learning Course (11,12)