Greg SpencerGreg Spencer
Class of 2003

I graduated from Central in 2003.  While at Central, I was a three sport athlete participating in football, wrestling and baseball.  I was selected into the National Honor Society and was involved with Student Council as well.  

After my days at Central, I attended Carthage College, where coincidentally, I met Coach Mengel playing together on the football team.   We saw our greatest season our sophomore year playing football at Carthage on an 11-2 Conference Champion team that made it to the National Quarterfinals (two games short of a National Title).  

While at Carthage, I double majored in Business Administration and Marketing.  During my senior year at Carthage, I had a strong desire to find a career that would incorporate many of the team aspects that were learned playing sports at Central and football at Carthage.  I decided that I would test to become a professional firefighter with the City of Kenosha.  Unfortunately, getting hired as a full-time, career firefighter doesn’t happen overnight, especially with no background in the fire service or in EMS.  

After graduating in 2007, I took a job with the Coca-Cola Company and later with a company called Motion Industries both in sales.  I kept positive and finally got my shot with the Kenosha Fire Department in 2013 after having to wait for my opportunity to come.  With no background in the fire service and EMS, I had to learn quickly during the 2 month long fire academy which involves 2-3 hours of classroom work followed by grueling training (sometimes in live fire simulations), then an additional 1-2 hours of homework every night.  It was more mentally and physically exhausting then any practices or classes high school and college included.  

I graduated from the academy in April of 2013 and have been a professional Firefighter/EMT ever since.  I could not have picked a career that is more comparable to playing on a team.  In a way it is even more than that, it is like a family.  

And with regards to family, I have a beautiful wife, Erin, who I married in October of 2013 (Coach Mengel was even a groomsman in my wedding) and we have a beautiful little girl named Amelia who was born on September 4th, 2016.  She gets her middle name, Cheryl, from her grandmother who was a teacher at Central for 27 years.  Along with being a career firefighter, I have spent my last four Falls coaching football with Coach Mengel’s staff as a varsity assistant.  It is always nostalgic to come back and smell the same smell of the hallways and classrooms. The new stadium and facilities for athletes at Central are outstanding, much different from what we had in the early 2000s.



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