SENIOR Baby Pictures

Senior Baby Pictures: Due January 22nd, 2018! The 2017-2018 CHS Yearbook staff is ready for Senior Baby Ads for the Class of 2018; an OPTIONAL opportunity to congratulate your senior student. This year, we are featuring a new option in addition to the baby photo. If you choose, you can submit a senior photo to go along with the baby photo at no additional cost.

Here are the two options:

1. Submit only a baby photo (preferably birth through two years of age).
2. Submit a baby photo and one senior photo that can be of a freestyle pose but will follow school dress code.

These photos will be featured in the senior baby photo section therefore we will not accept another senior photo unless it accompanies a baby photo. Baby Photos are $40. If you choose to submit one baby photo AND a senior photo, the fee remains only $40!

How to Submit: Go to and follow the prompts:

? Type in Westosha for our school link.
? On the right side of the page click ‘Buy Baby Ad’.
? Go through prompts; there is only one photo size available.
? Enter Headline: First and Last name of your child in this section.
? Enter Body Copy: This is a congratulatory message to your graduate.
? The remaining promps will be for payment information, etc.

See examples. Sizes and layouts are examples only? and may not reflect what is printed in the yearbook.

If you have any questions, please contact Carin Belan at

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