Important Information

Dress Code
We expect out students to comply wit hthe dress code and save their more casual wardrobe that does not meet school expectations for wearing at other times. Please do not be offended if we ask your student to change their clothes or call to have someone bring a change of clothes to school. The inconvience of having to bring clothes to school can be avoided if students make appropriate decisions about what to wear before coming to school. (Board Policy 551)

Clothing Expectations:
No clothing should contain expressions that are obscene, profane, and pornographic, that represents illegal behaviour, which demean race, religion, sex, ethnicity, or that advocate pain, death, suicide, gangs or drug use.
Tops are prohibited if...
• shoulder is bare
• has spaghetti straps
• exposes bra straps
• armholes are oversized, revealing undergarmets or bare skin along the side of the student's body
• exposes midriff area; and
• exposes excessive cleavage
Pants must be pulled up...
• so no bare skin is revealed when sitting down
• so undergarments, whether shorts or underwear, not are revealed
Skits, shorts, and dresses must be...
• mid-thigh length (clothing must cover at least 50% of thigh)
Hats of any kind are not to be worn in the school building during the school day, these should be stored in the student's assigned locker.

Medical Information
Nursing service is provided by a health service worker certified, knowledgeable, and skilled in emergency nursing care. Health care is available to all students and staff who are injured of ill during the regular school day. Students must get a pass from their teacher before reporting to the nurse. This includes first hour.

Medical Emergency Health Form -- Must be completely filled out, signed, and dated for each school year.
Dispensing of Over-the-Counter medications -- Physician's name, name of drug, dosage, and times to be given. Over the counter medications (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, TUms, etc) may be administered to students whose parents have checked the box on the medical emergency form allowing for administration of over-the-counter medications listed.
Dispensing of Prescription Medications -- Prescribed medications with physician provided written instructions should be given by [to] the schol nurse of auhorized school personnel. Parents must have completed the medication administration consent form. All medications must be in the original container, with student's name.
Immunization Policy -- All students are quired by state law to be compliant with the required immunizations; failutre to do so may result in daily fines, or inability to attend school.
Going Home Policy -- In case of illness or injury (not requiring rescue squad services) students will be allowed to go home with parental permission and only those persons listed on the Emergency Health form. Students should keep their Emergency Health form updated.
• The health service worker will be available from 8:15 am to 1:30 pm Monday through Friday.
If a student is ill, he/she must obtain a pass from his/her teacher and go to the health room. If a student is too ill to remain in school, the parent of guardian is notified and plans are made for transporation home. All students should have a health form on file.

Excused Absences
When a student is absent from school, the student's parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office (843-3820) to inform the school of the reason for the absence. Please leave a message on voice mail if necessary. The call should be made prior to 9 am on the day of the student's absence. Students may also bring a note signed by a parent or guardian excusing their absence. Any absence not cleared within three (3) school days will stand as unexcused unless authorized to be changed by an administrator.

In accordance with Wisconsin Statues 118.16 (4) (a), the Board of Education has determined that the following absences from school may be excused:
Illness or injury when properly substantiated by parent/guardian.
Approved medical or dental appointments, but only when verified by parents that the appointment is not possible to obtain otuside of school hours. Appointments must be verified upon return showing day and time of the appointment. The Principals' Office will periodically check the validity of signed notes and doctor appointments.
Behind-the-wheel driver's exam upon verification showing date and time by driver examiner.
Funerals in immediate family.
Required court appearances.
Absences for special circumstances as approved by the Princicals' Office. This must be done at least one day before the absence. The District Administrator will review appeals.
Approved junior and senior college visits: no more than four (4) one-day visits allowed per school year, and are strongly discouraged after April 30.

Organized school field trips are considered part of the school education process and do not count as an absence. This includes absences for participation in athletic events.

Prearranged Absences For Medical Appointments, Vacations, ETC

Parents may excuse their child for up to 10 school days per year. If you are planning on taking your child out of school for a period of time greater than 2 days, please use the following procedure for a pre-arranged absence:

1. One week before the absences, the student needs to obtain the appropriate application form from the Attendance Office.
2. The form needs to be filled out and signed by the parent/guardian.
3. The student must obtain signatures/assignments from each of his/her teachers.
4. The student must return the completed form to the Attedance Office for approval at least two days before the trip.

*This form must be on file, before the date(s) of the absence, to be excused.


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