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Paul Schimelfenyg - Department Head 
262-843-2321 ext.302

Mr. Schimelfenyg's Syllabi

Brenda Bursek-Krekling 
262-843-2321 ext.325

Mrs. B-K's Syllabi

Catherine Hepworth
262-843-2321 ext.364

Ms. Hepworth's Syllabi


Marcia Johnson 
262-843-2321 ext.300

Ms. Johnson's Syllabi

Kyle McLeod 
262-843-2321 ext.310

Mr. McLeod's Syllabi


Brian Monday 
262-843-2321 ext.307

Mr. Monday's Syllabi


Debra Nicolo 
262-843-2321 ext.347

Mrs. Nicolo's Syllabi

Amy Popp 
262-843-2321 ext.253

Mrs. Popp's Syllabi



The English Department strives to produce students who: Think critically, logically, and independently, verbally express ideas using appropriate communication skills, analyze and appreciate literature, develop ideas logically through the writing process, and research utilizing appropiate 21st century skills.


English Course Descriptions

English 9 or 10; 9 or 10 Honors
English 11 or 12 Contemporary Literature and Composition or Honors
English 11 Early American Literature and Composition or Honors
English 12 Classic World Literature and Composition or Honors
AP English Language and Composition (11)
AP English Literature and Composition (12)
Creative Writing (11, 12)
Intro to Human Communication (11,12)


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