Physical Education

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Randy Appleby - Department Head
262-843-2321 ext. 272

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Jacob Morman
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Brenda McClure
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Jeff Tracy
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Through a cohesive and encompassing Physical Education curriculum it is our mission to provide current and engaging activities that promote healthy and active lifestyles in an interactive setting.


Physical Education Course Descriptions

Health I (9,10)
Physical Ed I (9,10)
Physical Ed II (9,10)
Team Sports (10,11,12)*Coaching & Officials Certification, Laude Credit available
Adventure Education (10,11,12) 
Physical Ed III - Team Leadership (11,12)
Physical Ed IV - Lifetime Pursuits (11,12)
Weights and Fitness (10,11,12)
Weights and Fitness II (11,12)
Weights and Fitness III (11,12)
Fit 4 Life (11,12)
Advanced Health (11,12)*C.P.R & AED Certification