Special Education

Last Updated: 10/21/2021 7:59 PM

Special Education Department

Erin Shefky - Department Head
262-843-2321 ext.357

Mrs. Shefky's Syllabus

Britt Bill
262-843-2321 ext.229

Aaron DeLassus
262-843-2321 ext.394

Mr. DeLassus' Syllabus | Mr. DeLassus' Class/Club Website

Deanna Doyle
262-843-2321 ext.385

Amanda Pauloni
262-843-2321 ext.303

Mrs. Pauloni's Syllabi


Kari Radzik
262-843-2321 ext.231

Sadie Schmidt
262-843-2321 ext.311

Hilary VanDommelen
262-843-2321 ext.329

Annual Notice


The Special Education Department serves students who require an individualized approach to education due to a formally identified disability.  A continuum of services is available at Westosha Central High School, ranging from self-contained programming driven entirely by the student's IEP to resource and monitoring support only. 


Stacey Adams
ext. 229

Renee Anderson
ext. 123

Andrea Cavener
ext. 109

Mary Chic
ext. 115

Patti Dingee
ext. 125

Cindy Gates
ext. 103

Jessica Goodson
ext. 104

Jill Goodwin
ext. 341

Milly Henry
ext. 107

Rebecca Hiemstra

Michael Hookstead
ext. 111

Michael Lorentz
ext. 108

Trisha Peterson
ext. 112

Emma Rhey
ext. 124

Allyson Sluga
ext. 254

Special Education - CESA Staff

Diane Conrad, Hearing

Karen Hand, Speech
ext. 353

Jennifer Raclaw, Vision

Suzette Simpson, OT

Patricia Utech-Smith, Audiologist