Alt. Education

Last Updated: 10/26/2021 3:01 PM

Westosha SOAR Department


Amy Franz - Alternative Education Program Coordinator
262-843-2321 ext. 354

Andrea Cavener - S.O.A.R. Teacher
ext. 109


Bryan Wehr - APEX
262-843-2321 ext. 380

APEX Course Syllabus

Stacy Adams - APEX Support/Paraprofessional
ext. 118


Diann Tesar - Academic Resource Center (ARC)
ext. 271


Ann Hillman - Reading Specialist
ext. 370


Tricia Collins - School Counselor
ext. 238

S.O.A.R. is a skills and standards based program that serves as an alternate route for students that struggle to find success in Central's traditional school setting. The program focuses on students demonstrating proficiency of the essential standards in each of Central’s required classes. Students will also explore elective choices that strengthen their passions. S.O.A.R. students may also have the opportunity to find job and/or volunteer opportunities. This is a limited program, and attendance expectations will need to be met, along with other behavior expectations.