COVID-19 Updates

Last Updated: 9/10/2021 2:46 AM

Dear CHS Families,

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) is increasingly at the top of everyone's minds, we want you to know the education, health and safety of our staff and students are our top priorities. 

Below are lists of resources to help aid in our communication efforts:

Communication to Families

COVID Policies & Procedures for 2020-2021 School Year

Letter to CHS Families 2/12/2021

Letter to CHS Families 1/4/2021

Letter to CHS Families 12/11/2020

Letter to CHS Families 12/1/2020

Letter to CHS Families 9/25/2020

Letter to CHS Families 9/17/2020

Letter to Westosha Learning Community 8/27/2020

Letter to CHS Families 7/30/2020

Letter to CHS Families 7/17/2020

Parent Letter 7/1/2020

Graduation/Prom Letter 6/18/2020

Letter to Westosha Learning Community 5/11/2020

Letter to Seniors and Families End-of-the-Year Activities 5/6/2020

Letter to Westosha Learning Community on Semester Grades & GPA 4/24/20

Letter to Westosha Learning Community - Grading Plan and Schedule 4/22/20

Letter to Westosha Central High School Learning Community 4/16/20

Letter to Westosha Central High School Learning Community 4/13/20

Letter from District Administrator 3/30/20

Letter from District Administrator 3/23/20

Student Service Department - COVID-19 3/23/20

Letter from District Administrator 3/18/20

Virtual Learning FAQ 3/17/20

Student Service Department - COVID-19 3/17/20

Social Distancing During School Closures 3/16/20 

Student Parent Message from Principal DVK 3/16/20

Message to Parents 3/15/20 

Coronavirus Gov. Evers:  K-12 Closure FAQ 3/14/20

School Closure Parent Letter 3/13/20

Coronavirus Parent Letter 3/12/20


Five things parents can do to help their child achieve success in virtual learning:

  1. Help Your Child Build a Schedule
  2. Model Hard Work and Persistence
  3. Set Up a Designated Workspace
  4. Familiarize Yourself with the Virtual Learning Platform
  5. Build a Relationship with Your Child's Teachers


Explaining the Coronavirus to Children

BrainPop Resources on Coronavirus 

Talking to Children about COVID-19:  A Parent Resource


Mental Health Information

DPI Mental Health Support

Keeping Your Distance to Stay Safe

Mental Health Resources for Teens 

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Manage Anxiety & Stress