Senior Reflections

Jordan Dahlberg, Class of 2020

Picture is Jordan Dahlberg.

"To be a falcon means that you give your 100% and be kind while doing it. If it is on the field, in the student section, at a competition, or anything else; you try your hardest and be respectful while doing it.

Some of my best high school memories are the times other people believed in me. Being involved in the Association of Business Students, Peer Helpers, class President, Badger Girls State Representative, or prom queen were times when other people put their faith in me. Those were the times when I knew all the hard work had really paid off in my 4 years and that I was doing something special.

One piece of advice I would give for underclassmen is to try everything. I came into high school so shy and not knowing what I wanted to do. I joined a lot of clubs, participated in sports, and went to all the things I could. All of those things really showed me what I did well in, gave me so many amazing memories, and great friends from it. Don't ever be afraid to go for something, you learn something from every experience. These four years go by so fast, make the most of your high school experience!

Once a Falcon, always a Falcon!" ~ Jordan Dahlberg, Class of 2020


CHS After Dark 2019

Pictured is Gabrielle Zagame with Taylor Parrish, Isaac Trecker and Paris Zamba at Central Swing Incorporated After Dark in 2019.

"Being a Falcon to me means being part of a family and a community that are there for each other.

My favorite high school memory was After Dark 2019. Being on stage has been a part of my life since I was four years old. Singing and dancing with my friends was the best moment of my high school career and I will miss it forever.

My advice for underclassmen is to take any opportunity you can while your in high school. Whether it be a school dance or a football game, go to any event you can and have as much fun as possible before it’s gone."

Gabrielle Zagame, Class of 2020


Myles KazumuraPictured is Myles Kazumura

"To me, being a falcon means everything. My time at Westosha Central High School was the best time of my life, and I would do anything to replay it all over again. I took great pride in putting on the falcon uniform every single time, whether it was for football, baseball, or basketball. I am proud to have been a Falcon, and I will never forget the moments I had in the maroon, silver, and black.

My favorite high school memories were all made on the football field. High school football is an experience like no other anyone can ever go through in their life. The sights, sounds, and smells underneath the Friday night lights are things that I will never forget, and nothing compares to strapping up on the turf in front of the entire community each and every Friday night in the fall.

To all the underclassmen, all I can say is to not take advantage of the extremely short four years you get of high school. These years will be the best of your life that you will never forget, and it will be over before you know it. Be crazy, break the rules, and leave absolutely no regrets."

Myles Kazumura, Class of 2020


Kylie Brannon Westosha Cheerleader

Kylie Brannon pictured with McKenzie Beller, reflects on her conference cheerleading competition.

“This was the last competition I would ever compete at with this team. I accomplished my goal at this competition. Becoming a 6 time conference champion and had an undefeated season. I was extremely happy and sad. We may have won, but it was my last time competing on this amazing team. No other team will ever be the same as Westosha.

Being a cheerleader for the falcons is something I will remember for the rest of my life. Cheering for this team was an honor. People would come up to me saying how much they loved to watch my team. This is such a strong program that is truly honored. We work so hard for what we have accomplished, and I couldn’t thank my coaches enough.

To the underclassmen, don’t take your high school years for granted. Everything that the 2020 seniors have been working towards is potentially going to be taken away. These are the years where you’re determining who you are and what you want to be. You look forward to growing up, being able to attend your senior year prom, graduation, etc. These times are hard, and I’m truly saddened that school has come to a halt.”

Kylie Brannon, Class of 2020