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Freshman Mentoring Program

Heidi Zavacke |
Nicole Selburg |

The Freshman Mentoring Program (FMP) at Central High School was first started as a pilot program during the 2004 -2005 school year. FMP is a transition program for freshmen, which provides them with a supportive environment to ease the move from the public and private grade schools into Central High School.   

Each Monday, the Freshmen Mentors meet with the freshmen during a designated advisory time. FMPs lead character building lessons and team building activities as well as share information about what Central High School has to offer.

Our hope is that all ninth-grade students will adjust to the responsibilities of high school as well as the social and emotional changes that occur during their years at Central. Expectations for mentors include the further development of leadership skills, an encouraging attitude, and acting like a role model for all students of Central High School, not only the freshmen.