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Marci Johnson | | 262-843-2321 ext. 300

If students are interested in joining the club please complete the attached application form and return to Ms. Johnson.

Yearbook Staff Responsibilities include:

  • Manages the publication of content and quality of materials
  • Create a theme and a plan for the yearbook design
  • Cover design, endsheets and any theme-related spreads including opening, closing, and dividers
  • Conducts weekly or bi-weekly meetings to review deadlines
  • Photographers all assignments or assigned extracurricular events
  • Confirms accuracy of all captions and checks the spelling of student names
  • Interviews students, coaches, staff members, and community members for captions
  • Proofreads stories and captions

Meeting dates will be determined based on student availability and upcoming deadlines.

Yearbook Staff Application | Student Page for Additional Links