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Mission Vision Values


The Mission of The Central High School District of Westosha, a community of learners, is to ensure all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and character to thrive as contributing members of a global society through a quality, caring staff; a challenging, relevant curriculum; and diverse opportunities to achieve personal success.


Our Beliefs

We believe that….

  • Every individual is unique and has equal worth
  • People are responsible for their choices and actions
  • Honesty is essential in building trusting relationships
  • The capacity to learn is limitless
  • Best effort and positive attitude are necessary to perform to the fullest extent of one’s ability
  • High expectations yield higher results
  • Lifelong learning is essential to thrive in a changing world
  • Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of others
  • Family, school, and community share the responsibility for the development and nurturing of children
  • Continuous improvement and competition are driving forces toward excellence
  • Positive moral character is necessary for a society to thrive
  • Quality education is an invaluable investment in the future

Our Strategies

We will develop a comprehensive plan to address space and technology needs to support expanding student and adult curricular and co-curricular programs.
We will improve internal and external communication in order to develop stronger partnerships with all members of our learning community to best achieve our mission and objects. As a learning community, we will identify, model, integrate, and assess the character traits that we value.

We will:

  • Assess and refine our curriculum to integrate such complex skills as: critical thinking, problem solving, application of technology, collaboration and creativity.
  • Expand our career pathways.
  • Provide the guidance and support necessary for students to design and implement individual career.

Our Objectives

1. Each student will develop and implement an individual career plan to prepare for a successful transition to further education and/or a meaningful career.
2. All students will demonstrate proficiency in such complex skills as:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Application of Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity 

3. All students will consistently demonstrate the character traits defined by our learning community. 
4. One hundred percent of students in each class will graduate.

Our Parameters

1. First and foremost, all decisions made will be in the best interest of students.
2. We will always provide safe, supportive environments conducive to learning.
3. We will not tolerate behavior which is demeaning or disrespectful to any individual or group.
4. No new program or service will be accepted unless: it is consistent with the strategic plan, the benefits exceed the cost, and provisions are made for professional development and program evaluation.
5. No program or service will be retained unless it makes an optimal contribution to the mission, and benefits continue to justify the cost.