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Web Design & Social Media is designed for those who want to learn the design, creation, and maintenance of websites, search engine optimization, social media and blogging. The course is strictly set up and run like a real business so students get hands on experience in all aspects of the business entity. Students become the webmasters in helping to create and maintain Central High School’s website, app and social media posts. The course progresses from maintaining the CHS website, learning web design tools, hands-on approaches to uploading their websites to the World Wide Web using FTP, to culminating projects in which students design and develop websites for local community organizations and affiliate websites. Search Engine Optimization is a focus throughout this course in getting students the knowledge on how to market their websites once they are up on the web. A variety of social media lessons and platforms are introduced to ensure students understand how social media can be used as a productive marketing tool. Students will have the opportunity to put web design and social media together in creating a website and a social media campaign for a local business. Students in the course will benefit and understand why businesses today are using sophisticated web pages and social media accounts to market their company. Students will also learn the types of careers that are available to become a successful Web Designer/Social Media Specialist and learn the proper business etiquette techniques to develop a marketable webpage.

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