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Central High School offers a .5 credit per semester work experience program through the Business Education department. The classroom portion of this program will only be offered on-line. This is a work release program. Students enrolled in the program will be eligible for early release to go to a school approved job. 
To participate in this program, students must meet the following eligibility requirements: 
• Have a 2.0 GPA 
• Achieve Junior or Senior status. 
• Have no failing grades during the current school year. 
• Take and pass the Employability Skills class (APEX does not meet this requirement). • Secure and maintain employment 
• Agree to have their employment supervised at the employment site by the School-to-Work Coordinator. 
Students enrolled in the Work Experience program will be expected to: 
• Complete an application and interview with the School-to-Work Coordinator prior to enrollment in the Work Experience program. 
• Work an average of 15 hours per week. Weekly work reports need to be completed to verify that this requirement is being met. Failure to do so may result in termination from the program. 
• Maintain a 2.0 grade point average and have no failing grades in any class. 
Students taking this class first semester must reapply if they wish to continue second semester.


Prerequisite: Employability Skills

  • Work Experience Expectations:
    • 2nd Semester - Weekly Work reports will be due for each work week starting with school Week 1
      • Work weeks are Monday - Sunday
        • Ie. Week 1 is 1/21-1/27 with the work report due on 1/28
        • If a work report is late, it will be marked missing on Tuesday and you will be allowed to get that in by that Friday otherwise it will be marked as a ZERO in the gradebook and it cannot be turned in any longer
      • You can submit these via Google share, email (pic or document), or submit them hard copy to me in Rm 211
      • Weekly work reports can be located on this page under Files/Links 
    • There will be a supervisor evaluation each quarter (two per semester)
    • Please stay in communication with me if there are ANY CHANGES in your work status
    • You are expected to work 15 hours minimum each week
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