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Therapy Dog

Help us name our newest Falcon at the form below!

We are excited to announce and introduce Westosha Central High School’s Therapy Dog. We have been anxiously awaiting the pairing of our school to the perfect match for our Therapy Dog. WCHS has been working closely with Ultimate Canine, an award-winning dog training academy, that specializes in training therapy dogs, through extensive puppy selections/litter evaluations, temperament testing, and training. She will be joining WCHS beginning in the fall of 2024. She will be joining the Student Service Team, and we are excited for the services she will be able to provide for all.

The WCHS Therapy Dog Program is designed with the intent to support a variety of individuals and entities within the school building and community. The Therapy Dog Program will help support and promote WCHS’ strategic plan to further build connections with students, faculty, and our community.

What is a Therapy Dog?

  • A dog that is specifically trained to provide affection, comfort, and support
  • A dog that has been evaluated, gone through extensive training, and certified by a recognized Therapy Dog organization
  • A Therapy dog can be used in multiple ways: assisting with grief, anxiety, improving reading skills, de-escalation, rewards, encouragement, and much more

You can follow along with her journey and the amazing work she will be accomplishing here at WCHS via her webpage, and on WCHS social media accounts. For additional information regarding WCHS’s Therapy Dog program please feel free to contact Mr. Olsen or Mrs. Ruth!