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Building Project


The Central High School District of Westosha is a community treasure with a rich history of providing excellent opportunities for our students and families.

Thanks to our hardworking students, dedicated staff and supportive community, we’ve built on this tradition and have made some amazing advances in recent years.

While our primary focus will always be to enhance student learning, we also need to finalize a plan to update our school building.

Nearly two years of facility planning, evaluation of a facility study, and results of a community-wide survey led to the Board of Education’s decision to place a referendum question on the April 6 ballot.


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The Need

Enhance Safety & Security

  • Upgrade exterior locks and safety features
  • Modify the main entrance to better monitor and control visitor access
  • Revise drop-off/pick-up traffic flow to improve safety
  • Upgrade/add security cameras
  • Add lockable interior doors to partition off school sections and update door locks
  • Improve exterior lighting

Upgrade Building Infrastructure

Although our school has been well-maintained, some components have reached or exceeded their useful life. Upgrades are needed to:

  • Replace lighting, flooring, ceilings, walls, etc.
  • Remove remaining asbestos
  • Update the plumbing, heating / ventilation, and electrical systems
  • Replace sections of roof

Modernize Educational Spaces

Many spaces in the older parts of the building have remained nearly untouched since the 1950s and 1960s. Due to their age, many do not support today’s approach to teaching and learning and need:

  • Better access to technology
  • Flexible furniture for collaboration
  • Areas for small-group instruction
  • Modern art, choir and F&CS areas

The library, specifically, is used much differently than in previous generations. The current space does not support:

  • Today’s research styles
  • Student collaboration
  • Small-group instruction
  • Access to technology

Expand Activities & Performing Arts Areas

We have limited gym space, which impacts practices and community use. Needs include:

  • Space for physical education, indoor practices, and athletic events
  • More availability for community programming
  • A gathering space to improve access and flow for school and community events
  • New locker rooms

Because the high school does not have an auditorium, performances are held in the cafeteria or gym. Challenges include:

  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Cafeteria is not an appropriate environment for music/drama events
  • Existing cafeteria is too small to serve the current student population

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The Solution

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The Investment | not to exceed $39,600,000

Financial Background

  • Our Board of Education has worked hard to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.
  • The District’s tax mill rate, which is used to calculate property taxes, has dropped over the past seven years.
  • The District’s mill rate is considerably lower than other high school districts in our area.
  • The District has not asked the community to consider a referendum since 2009.

Tax Impact

If the referendum is approved by voters, the estimated tax increase will be $59 per $100,000 of equalized property value for a period of 20 years.

Use the tax impact calculator below to calculate the estimated tax impact for your property value.

Fair Market Value: 
Annual Tax Increase: 
Monthly Tax Increase: 

Directions: Enter your Fair Market Value (no commas, ex. 150000) and click on Calculate to see your tax estimates.

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Informational Materials

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For More Information


John Gendron, District Administrator
262.843.2321 ext. 222


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