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Amy Koszarek


School-To-Work has been part of Central’s curriculum for many years The program helps students with the transition from their school environment and academics to the work environment and how “what they learned in school” relates to work.


The majority of students who participate in the STW program do so by participating in the State Certified Work Experience Program. Students are required to have a job to participate in this program. Students are able to schedule an early release from school (up to two periods), turn in weekly time sheets, and participate in various work related activities (e.g. resume writing and WisCareers workshops) and are evaluated on a semester basis by their employer. Students can register for this program through their guidance counselors their junior and senior years.


Central offers 18 youth apprenticeship programs for students. Students are required to have a job in the listed youth apprenticeship program to participate. See the School-To-Work coordinator to see if you qualify.

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