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Deanna Doyle Special Education Teacher
Deanna Doyle
Special Education Teacher
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Ed.S., Walden University
M.A., Carthage College
B.A., University of Wisconsin - Parkside

School year 2018-2019 will be my fourteenth year teaching at Central High School, and fifteenth year teaching overall. Time sure does fly!

I have been a high school special education teacher my whole career. I have taught special education classes in English, Earth Science, Biology, Government, and many levels of math over the years. I have also been in the general education classrooms of English, Biology, Earth Science, and Algebra. 

In addition to teaching, I also manage my special education caseload, which entails: scheduling annual reviews, three year reevaluations, conducting and scoring special education testing for initial evaluations and reevaluations as well as complete the corresponding paperwork for each.