Westosha Central

Brand Guidelines

Check the Complete Guideline to all of Westosha Central High Schools fonts, colors, and logos.

Official School Name

Central High School opened in 1952. The school district was originally called Union High School Joint District #1 and the school was called Central High School.

By the late 1950s, the school became known as Salem Central High School.

In the mid-to-late 1980s, the district name was changed to Central High School District of Westosha. The school began to be called several different names: Salem Central, Central, Central Westosha, and Westosha Central.

Because of the confusion over so many different names, the Board of Education adopted a new district and school name. In 2022, the district name became Westosha Central High School District and the school itself became Westosha Central High School. Official branding was also adopted with the name change.

Approved Logos

During the 2020 referendum, Westosha Central High School solidified our school logos which are shown below.
To use any of the official school logos, please click on one of the images below to download a PNG format version of the logo.
You can also use the folders below on this web page to find the official school logos in various other raster and vector file types if needed.

Westosha Logo

Westosha Logo

Westosha Logo

Vector Art

These files would be best used for logos,
illustrations, and print layouts.

Vector Art Files

Raster Art

These files would be best used for the web, social media, digital documents.

Raster Art Files

Learn more about the differences and uses of Raster and Vector Images

Fonts & Colors

When reproducing the Westosha Central High School logo and school name, please be sure to use the proper font and colors



Pantone Colors

Maroon: 505C

Silver: Warm Gray 1C

CMYK Values

Maroon:  47%, 96%, 53%, 53%

Silver:        21%, 19%, 24%, 0%

White:     0%, 0%, 0%, 0%

Preferred Vendors & Suppliers

Below is a list of vendors that we have used in the past. These vendors have our school-approved logos and colors on file.

  • BSN Sports

  • RBS Activewear, Argyle, WI

  • Ruma Sports - Union Grove, WI

  • Sportsworld - Prairie du Chien, WI

What Not To Do

The following list outlines the basic rules of what NOT to do when working with the school logos:

altered colors logo

Do not alter approved colors within logo

Stretch logo

Do not stretch or distort the logo

unapproved colors

Do not use unapproved colors

sheared logo

Do not tilt/shear the logo

Patterns in the logo

Do not put patterns in the logo

For any questions regarding Westosha Central branding, logos, colors, or miscellaneous questions, please reach out to Jon Lindh, Athletic Director

Email Jon Lindh